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Daisy Lamb

Daisy lamb was born under a double rainbow.

Daisy lamb arrived a few minutes after Lily, she was the smaller twin but she made up for it with personality and sassiness.

It only took a few days for Daisy lamb to realise that the most important things to do in life were play hard with Lily, zoom around until you're exhausted, drink lots of milk, and then snooze and snuggle with your mother and sister. Daisy and Lily were inseparable from from day one and spread joy whenever they got the zoomies. Where Lily went Daisy followed hot on her heels.

Her proud mother Flora was a little taken back by the boundless energy and constant demands of these two boisterous girls.

Small But Sassy

Daisy was a little shy at first and it took her longer than Lily to accept a wool rub from her human. After all what is that strange looking thing? Once she did though she loved it and demanded wool rubs constantly, even more than Lily.

Daisy quite liked being carried around by her human because she was a little prone to getting lost. If the woolies moved through a gate and Daisy wasn’t paying attention she would panic and run along the fence line and miss the opening. Luckily her human was around to pick her up and carry her back to Lily and Flora.

Daisy has the most adorable way of asking for a wool rub, she gently taps you with her nose until she gets what she wants

Daisy lamb is quite the character, she's a self assured natural charmer with a mischievous side. She’s a well known trouble maker who was brave enough to climb Mt Fanta (pictured above). One day when Fanta was resting Daisy decided to see if she could climb up on his back. Fanta wouldn't let anyone She would also jump up on her mother when she was sleeping and take a pot shots at Lily when she was resting. Below, Daisy (right) snoozes with her twin sister Lily.


Wool Hat's & Lamb Yoga

Daisy is second only to Beans when it comes to breaking into the feed shed and if she's in a cheeky mood she sometimes instigates rampage sessions with Lily. They run around causing as much trouble as they can. The other woolies try to put them in their place with some shoving but even a firm shove doesn't deter them in the slightest.

Daisy has the most beautiful soft coat you can imagine and she's the first to shed her winter coat. This mean't she became the wool hat wearing queen. After a wool brush her human would pick up the loose wool and craft it into a wool hat. She loves them and likes to pose while her human takes photos. When she got a little older she took up lamb yoga. Her human often finds her out in the paddock practicing her moves. Daisy's speciality move is the Boat Pose (see below).

Daisy is over one now and she has turned into a lovely young lady who is very demanding of attention from her human. She has the most adorable way of asking for a wool rub, she approaches her human and ever so gently taps her nose on him repeatedly until she gets a wool rub or brush.

Most sheep have their tails docked when they are lambs for commercial management reasons. Daisy (and Lily) got to keep their tails. They love their tails and they are extremely good fly swats in summer.

“I'll take a wool hat, a long wool rub, a bowlful of pellets, and some hay please.”