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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, encourage the better angels of our nature to prevail.

The more we respect animals the more we respect all life including our own. In other words 'the kinder we are to animals, the kinder we are to ourselves'.

We love lambs and view them in the same light as we view traditional companion animals like cats and dogs. Lambs are full of personalty, playful, intelligent, curious and they love their lives. They are peaceful beings and every bit as cute as puppy’s and kitten’s. They have very close bonds with their mothers and are extremely social. Watching lambs play is a joy.

Our mission is to help more people understand that lambs are lovely animals and deserve our consideration. Basically we want to save lambs and help people connect with them. Ultimately humanity takes a lot from these animals. We aim to create a safe space for at least a lucky few as a way to offer respect and encourage compassionate mindsets. We hope this is an idea that everyone can get behind.

Give them a chance, treat them well, and watch them shine.

About Us

Oh, just a crazy guy who rescued some lambs that grew into very big lambs.

Saint Beans is New Zealands first farm animal sanctuary dedicated to lambs. We love lambs and the sheep they become. We focus on these wooly bundles of joy because they deserve it and we understand them the most. Many lambs die each year from hypothermia. For example one storm in New Zealand killed 100,000 (link).

Presently we only have limited access to land so we are unable to expand. Our goal is to acquire much more land and take in many more lambs. We aim to create a sanctuary for animals, people and nature.

Any land we acquire will have natural areas expanded and restored, and where possible placed into a QEII covenant.

Sheep who are accustomed to humans have a calming effect which is great for mental health. Just interacting with them is a great way to destress. We also aim to help people by creating a community space where they can meet the animals.

We also work with farmers to help save their lambs including administering antibiotics or other life saving measures for no charge. It's then entirely up to the farmer if they want to keep or surrender the lamb to us.

Saint Beans is run by Beans’ human dad Brendon. Brendon has worked around the world in the creative industry developing projects with some of the worlds’s most well-known brands. He returned to NZ to process a working visa for his next international move but then he started rescuing lambs and didn’t stop. Not the best career move, doh!  Since then he has decided he now wants to spend his time dedicated to the animals.

Our Goals

Big dreams — we have them. Beans dream is to save as many lambs as possible.

In order to save lambs we need a solid foundation. The key to this is owning sufficient land so that’s our number one priority. We also need to ensure it’s sustainable so our goal is to connect with people and build different income streams. Beans has the steps to his dream mapped out below.

Steps to Beans’ Dream

Legal Ownership

After saving Fanta, then Beans, and then Frosty it was time to take things more seriously. The first step was to acquire legal ownership so they couldn't be taken. They came from a farmer with a verbal agreement but people change their mind so a written adoption form was created and signed.

Stage Completed! 🙌

Rescue More Lambs!

Time to rescue some more lambs! And start a animal sanctuary. Now that the wooly family was getting bigger with Flora, Daisy, Lily, Homer, Buttons, and Belle joining a long term plan was needed. Beans and Frosty need a permanent home and the best way to do this was to start a sanctuary.

Stage Completed! 🙌

Name and Website

The sanctuary needed a name so Beans' human named it after Beans and his angel-wool-wings. What are the chances of finding a lamb who grows wool wings after all? Beans was destined for greatness so the name became 'Saint Beans'. Now the sanctuary had a name it was time to formalise it and create a website for Saint Beans. Next step was to start the process of becoming a registered non-profit.

Stage Completed! 🙌

Save Every Penny

The woolies need a forever home that can't be taken. This means acquiring real estate without large debt. The current property is not owned by Beans human so one day they will have to move 😢.

This keeps Beans' dad up at night so he's saving every penny towards this goal. A forever home for the woolies is the number one priority. Realistically it's going to take a few more years before this will happen. 

To start with a smaller property, 10+ acres will be enough.

Unfortunately this has suddenly become more urgent because the property is going to be sold 😱. Please support our fundraiser.

How to Help
- You can donate.
- You can purchase items from the store.
- You can help spread the word or fundraise.
- If you are knowledable about non-profit funding, grants, or gifting globally and in NZ then please get in touch.
- Owners of property in NZ can donate land. If you have some land you would like to see be turned into a sanctuary for animals, people, and nature then please get in touch ☺️.
Email: [email protected]

In Progress 👨‍💻

Develop the Property

Once we have purchased a suitable property we will develop it and make it an ecological paradise 🦆, an eco-sanctuary ☺️. The woolies need their paddocks but everywhere else will be reforested for the good of the natural world, wild animals, and to suck up as much carbon as possible. We will also start looking for ways to build extra income and begin the process of making the property suitable for visitors. This depends on the outcome from State 04.

Not Complete 🥺

Beans Long-Term Vision

The Saint Beans Sanctuary and Eco Lodge 🙌. The ultimate dream is to open a large 100+ acre sanctuary that encompasses the values of Saint Beans. An eco farm animal sanctuary designed for people, animals, and nature. New Zealand needs a sanctaury similar to Farm Sanctuary or Catskill Sanctuary in the US or Edgar's Mission in Australia.

Plans include accommodation and experiences, animal care facilities, the restoration of as much nature as possible, educational tours and advocacy, aiding the local community, a large iron sculpture of Beans ☺️ (of course), unique woolly Airbnb experiences and much more. 

Saint Beans will also create a seperate brand so there will be the sanctuary and the brand. The brand will support the sanctuary ☺️ and the mission to make the world a kinder place for all. 

Making Beans' dream come true won't be easy and it will take years not months but hey... what else is there to do? Saving animals is very rewarding and is a way to show respect to all earthlings. It also makes the world that little bit more peaceful 🕊️ and provides a place for people to experience and learn about animals and why we should respect them.

If you would like to help Bean's achieve his dream you can choose 'The Saint Beans Fund' on the donation page or if you have any advice or inquires please get in touch: [email protected]

Future Goal 🙏