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Help Create a Lamb Sanctuary

August 2, 2022

If you have been following Saint Beans on instagram then you know how much Beans loves his home. Sadly though, Beans is losing his home 😭.

Beans grew up in the garden with his human dad where he had his own lazy boy chair he slept on at night. All his memories are here and as much as his human wanted it to be his home for a lot longer unfortunately the property is being sold. This has happened much sooner than his human thought so Beans, all the woollies and their human need your help. The property is very close to town so it's far Saint Beans budget.

The woollies need some land to call home until his human can achieve Beans dream and purchase a larger property.

Baby Beans on his favourite chair

It's a Woolly Emergency!

Well not quite, thankfully we have been able to stay at the property longer than expected. However we will have to move sooner rather than later. We really need some land that Beans can call home with enough space to take on more woolly rescues. Help us expand the first animal sanctuary devoted to lambs in New Zealand.

You can donate on our site here or on our fundraising page here. If you are able to help with land in any way then please get in touch. Beans greatly appreciates your support ☺️.

If you are unable to donate that's ok of course, please like and share on social media.

Baby Beans

Lambs Need Us

Sadly many lambs die every year in New Zealand due to preventable hypothermia. This is a slow painful death that's hard to witness. Lambs in NZ are bred outdoors towards the end of winter for commercial reasons. New borns are vulnerable to the cold weather and without shelter many succumb to the cold. For example just one brief storm killed over 100,000.

We love saving lambs and giving them a great life just like our traditional companion animals. It's hard work but they are such happy little campers who love life so the reward is endless.

A suitable property that is owned by Saint Beans is the key to giving Beans and all the woollies a great life and it gives us the ability to rescue more lambs.

Daisy getting a wool rub