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Saint Beans Featured on TV

September 14, 2023

Saint Beans was featured on NZ's top daily current affairs program Seven Sharp.

We love talking about lambs (haha) so it was great to be featured on national TV in NZ. Saint Beans founder Brendon was interviewed about our need to secure some land for our woollies. Special thanks to Seven Sharp and Carolyn Robinson for featuring us.

We need some land with an existing dwelling or where one can be added. The key to running a sanctuary is adequate land and the ability to live with the animals 24/7. We need to own the land so it's their permanent home. We also need income to make Saint Beans a sustainable operation. We fund it ourselves with help from our generous donors from all over the world. Accommodation would be another great addition, so a dwelling that was suitable to become a country lodge would be ideal.

The more land we are able to acquire or purchase — the more lambs we can save. All the animals at Saint Beans are much loved and get to live out their natural life spans with the best care. We don't breed and only rescue animals in need.

It's very important for a sanctuary to own the land and to only take on as many animals as the property can comfortably handle. It's extremely hard to turn away other woollies in need but the numbers are so vast we can only do what we can for a lucky few.

If you are in NZ and can help please get in touch. We aim to make any land under our care, a sanctuary for people, animals and nature. We would retire as much land as possible and replant it with natives for wildlife and protect it with a QEII covenant where practical. If you are considering gifting land to the Department of Conservation or retiring a farm to a QEII covenant, please consider Saint Beans. We will protect it in the same way while adding a great community destination and service.

When you help animals its a mutually beneficial relationship because they also help you. Sheep are actually lovely animals and they are surprisingly intelligent.

Spending time with them is the best cure for stress we have ever come across and people really enjoy it. There is something calming about their nature when they are comfortable being around people.

A larger sanctuary for lambs is a badly needed community service in New Zealand because of the huge numbers who die each year from hypothermia. Sometimes sheep even end up in the local pound. We could fill up a large property in just one season. While we can't save them all, we want to show their species some fundamental respect for their sacrifice. A larger sanctuary for lambs would create a space for exactly that. We hope this is an idea that everyone can get behind.

We also work with farmers to save lambs. Most farmers love their animals and don't particularly like picking up dead lambs after a storm. We help them for free by doing things like: stomach tubing, administering antibiotics or dextrose, warming them and more. Farmers often surrender them to us if they require ongoing care but that's their choice.

If you are in the position to donate land or offer favourable terms or can help with grants or funding please reach out. You can also donate. All donations of any amount help. Thank you.